Pool Accessories


Pool Accessories

We offer a diverse range of Pool & Spa accessories for all your pool needs, including pool balancing and treatment chemicals, keeping your pool water fresh sparkling and problem free. we also carry a large range of cartridge filter and media filter equipment supplies to keep your pool water clean and sparkling.

As a leading Maytronics dealer we have a full range of the latest and greatest easy to use Dolphin robotic pool cleaners. Is your pool missing that extra something that makes it standout? if so you may need to look at our range of the latest in LED pool lighting to give your pool that Beverly hills look.

Robotic Cleaners

Automated devices cleaning pool surfaces efficiently.

Pool Covers

Protective barriers for pools, conserving heat and preventing debris.

Pool Lights

Illuminate pools for safety and ambiance.

Pool & Spa Chemicals

Chemicals balance water quality in pools for safety.

Spare Parts & Accessories

Components for pool filters and chlorinators for maintenance purposes.

Mineral Salts

A pool sanitation method using minerals instead of chemicals.