Pool Equipment



Whether your replacing a Pool Pump, or upgrading your equipment, here at Eco Watermart we can help you every step of the way. We supply most major Pool Brands, Including Astral Pool, Davey, Waterco & Onga.

Come check out New Innovation & efficiency options available for your pool. From variable speed pumps to the NEW Halo Connect pool Automation System, We are here to make your pool journey a amazing one..

If your a DIY builder and need some expert advice on your equipment options we are here to help. We offer expert install options for all pool equipment.

Pool Pumps

Circulate water in pools for filtration and circulation.

Pool Filters

Remove impurities from pool water for cleanliness and clarity.

Salt Chlorinators

Chlorination system using salt for pool sanitation.


Automated systems managing pool functions for efficiency and convenience.

Heat Pumps

Devices for heating pool water efficiently.

Solar heating

Utilising sunlight to heat pool water.